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Split System Supply and Installation.

In the height of summer or the depths of chilly winter, one system becomes the focus of every homeowner’s world: the air-conditioner. Reliable, uninterrupted and safe air-conditioning units are a must for every Perth household, and you can trust Limelight to supply and install the best quality units available.

Whether you’re looking for an AC system for a new home or upgrading your old air-conditioning unit, it’s important to understand not all service providers are equal. Limelight Electrix know how to do the job right the first time to ensure you are 100% satisfied with your split system installation.

Trusted Quality Units.

At Limelight Electrix we trust Mitsubishi Heavy Industries for their high-quality, reliable efficiency and guaranteed satisfaction. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has a rich history of manufacturing premium air-conditioning units for over 130 years.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries provides us with excellent aftersales support, meaning if you require repairs or servicing on your unit, we can get the parts for you quickly and easily. We also recommend and supply alternative brands to meet your budget requirements.  

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Professional Air-Conditioning Installation.

When it comes to professional air-conditioning installation in Perth, you’ll want it done properly the first time to ensure it works effectively without any problems. A poor installation can result in shorter system lifespans, ongoing running issues, and poor efficiency. This can cost you more in the long run with unnecessary air-con repairs and expensive energy bills. Limelight Electrix offers high-quality installation to ensure long life and superior efficiency with your unit.

Our Installation Process.

Step 1

We measure up and size the unit correctly to fit the required space and provide sufficient airflow.

Step 2

We design the system for installation, including the internal head unit and the external condenser.

Step 3

We undertake a free safety inspection with your installation service to ensure your home’s safety.

Step 4

We provide an installation quote, which includes anything from the inspection requiring attention.

Step 5

We schedule a convenient time for the installation of your system.

Step 6

Installation is completed, we test the unit and clean up before we leave the premises.

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Air-Conditioner Servicing.

Your air-conditioning system is a major investment, and just like a car you need to get it serviced regularly to maintain its performance. To ensure efficiency and protect your family from harmful allergens and contaminants that can stay in the filter, we recommend getting your air-con unit serviced at least once a year by Limelight Electrix.

Regular maintenance of your air-conditioning system can increase its longevity and more importantly, lower running costs. We offer preventative servicing and maintenance on all systems; our technicians carry out an in-depth air-conditioning service according to manufacturer specifications. Get in touch to book an air-conditioning service today.

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Air-Conditioning Repairs.

Got problems with your air-con? If you notice any of the following you could be in need of an air-conditioner repair from Limelight Electrix:

Our fully qualified, licensed and experienced technicians can help get your air-con system back up and running with minimal downtime. We pride ourselves on a high-quality repair service with upfront pricing right from the start. With Limelight Electrix you won’t be left guessing.

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Our Promise To You.

At Limelight Electrix, we believe the electrical maintenance industry needs a higher level of customer service and communication. Through our work ethic and expertise, we are committed to ensuring you are 100% satisfied with our work every time.

Our professionalism ensures we guarantee complete understanding of your electrical needs and we work around your specific requirements. Our projects are always completed to the highest industry standards to ensure your total satisfaction.

You can rest assured that we:

Split System Air-Conditioners.

There are two main types of split system air-conditioners to choose from. The system you select will depend on what is most suitable for your home, including room size, budget and available space for your compressor unit. Limelight Electrix can help you find the right unit to meet your requirements.

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Wall Split Systems

Wall split systems compose of two parts – an indoor unit which is mounted on a wall, and the outdoor compressor unit, which is mounted either on a stand, a wall bracket, or on the roof. Wall split systems are energy efficient as they allow you to control the temperature for each individual room.

Quality brands like Mitsubishi Heavy Industries are powerful enough to move the air to all parts of the room, while still being quiet. They also contain purifying filters to ensure the air is clean, odourless, and free of allergens. Wall split systems are compact and aesthetically pleasing, designed to blend in with your room décor.

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Multi-Head System Units

Multi-Head units consist of two or more indoor head units with one outdoor compressor unit. The size of the outdoor unit is determined by the size of the connected indoor units. This type of split system is a good option if you don’t have outdoor space for more than one compressor unit.

Looking for even more versatility from your air-conditioning? Some inverter multi-split system air-conditioners allow up to 8 indoor units to be connected to just one outdoor unit. This allows you to utilise an economic multi-room solution, as well as save space and improve aesthetics in your outdoor area.

Free Safety Inspection.

As a courtesy service to our clients, we provide a complimentary electrical safety inspection with any service. This is to ensure your home isn’t displaying any major electrical safety concerns that could put you and your family in danger. At Limelight Electrix, we strive to resolve any issues before a problem can occur.

In your free safety inspection, we check:

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Honesty and Reliability Above All Else.

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“I have used Brad & the team at Limelight Electrix over the past 7 years for Ac split sys installations /servicing & repair as well as some general electrical maintenance. The work was always started on time & completed to a high standard with areas cleaned up when finished. His team were courteous & easy to deal with.”

- David Taylor

Frequently Asked Questions.

Installing a split system air-conditioner, like any appliance should be done by a professional with the proper certification, licenses, and experience. An air-conditioning installation requires cabling, electricity, safety switches, and other electrical elements that need to be properly installed to ensure your warranty is maintained and your system runs correctly.

It’s important to be aware that while installing your own split system might save you in the short term, it might cost you in the long term by voiding your warranty or requiring a re-installation. You also risk electrocution and causing serious fires if electrical work isn’t done properly.

Yes! A Multi-Head split system air-conditioner is ideal for this situation. The Multi-Head air-conditioning system has a single condensing outdoor unit that has the capacity to supply multiple indoor head units. This offers the flexibility of heating or cooling several rooms without the untidiness of numerous outdoor units.

All air-conditioner units require regular maintenance. Keeping your system in good working condition is key to avoiding potential problems and expensive repairs later on. The residential electricians at Limelight Electrix have the experience and the knowledge to maintain all electrical systems, including split system air-conditioners. We specialise in air-conditioner servicing and repairs for all split system units to ensure your home is comfortable all throughout the year.

If your air-conditioner is broken or not working properly, our experienced electricians are highly effective at troubleshooting the issue. We will locate and explain any faults your split system may be experiencing and offer a solution to get your system fixed. Give us a call to book a service or repair.

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