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Local Domestic Electrical Services.

Born, bred and raised in Perth, Limelight Electrix are your local electrical experts. We understand you are looking for a trusted service provider, and you can rest assured when you put your family’s safety in our hands, we do not take it for granted. For all your residential electrical needs, Limelight Electrix has you covered. Our experienced technicians provide the same level of quality and service for any job, big or small.

We offer a range of residential electrical services including electrical and air-con installations, switchboard upgrades, LED lighting upgrades as well as general electrical repairs.

So, let us take care of your family, and call Limelight Electrix for all your residential electrical needs.

Our Electrical Services.

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Split System Air-Conditioning

A split system unit is an energy-efficient solution to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. Split systems are ideal for most homes and can be easily installed in any room. We supply and install split systems to meet your needs. To ensure your split system operates efficiently and reliably, we also provide servicing and repairs.

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The switchboard is the central point of your electrical systems in your home. If your switchboard is faulty, aging, or not functioning well, it can affect the rest of your home’s electrical components. A switchboard upgrade will ensure your system can handle your current power demands and avoid problems like overheating and the danger of electrical fires.

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Safety Switches

Safety switches detect a short in an appliance and will automatically shut off to stop any electrocution from occurring. Every household should have a safety switch fitted to the power circuit to keep residents safe from electrical accidents. To protect your home and your family, our electricians can update your safety switches using the best quality components.

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Smoke Alarms

As a legal requirement, you need smoke alarms in your home. With Australia’s dry climate, our homes are constantly under threat. A functioning smoke alarm can mean you have enough warning to prevent injury or death in a house fire. Limelight Electrix can make sure you have sufficient and properly installed detectors with working batteries and solid hard-wired connections.

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Light Installation & Repairs

Home lighting can change your mood with soft lighting effects or by showcasing key features in your house. Additionally, lighting around your home can increase safety and provide security by deterring potential theft. Limelight Electrix offers installations, upgrades, additions, replacements and repairs for all your residential lighting needs. We can help with pendants, downlights, chandeliers, security lighting, interior and exterior lighting.

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LED Lighting

LED lighting is an energy-efficient solution and has many applications around your home. LED lighting offers many benefits, including long life and a wide choice of colours. It also offers you the convenience of total control by phone app or remote. If you want to upgrade your old lighting to LED, we can assist you with installation and placement options.

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General Electrical Services

Whether you are building, renovating or in need of general electrical services for your home, our qualified, licensed electricians can assist you. Limelight Electrix offers general electrical services, including installations, upgrades, additions and replacements for all your electrical needs. We can help with fans including exhaust and ceiling fans, appliance connections, ovens and cooktops, hot water systems, power points and spas.

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Electrical Maintenance and Repairs

Your electrical systems and appliances need to be regularly checked to detect potential faults that could become a serious problem. Regularly maintaining your electrical appliances and systems will ensure they continue to function at full capacity and can assist in preventing costly replacements. Limelight Electrix offers high-quality electrical maintenance, servicing, and repairs for all your household electrical systems.

Free Electrical Safety Inspection.

As a courtesy service to our clients, we provide a complimentary electrical safety inspection with any service. This is to ensure your home isn’t displaying any major electrical safety concerns that could put you and your family in danger. At Limelight Electrix, we strive to resolve any issues before a problem can occur.

In your free safety inspection, we check:

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High-Quality and Reliable Services.

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Common Electrical Faults in Your Home.

Electrical problems in your home will usually show warning signs before they become a serious issue. If you believe you have any of the following, take note of the early signs and call one of our electricians on 1300 880 761. A simple call could prevent a disastrous electrical situation from occurring.

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Circuit Breaker

An overloaded circuit breaker can trip your electricity. If you find your breaker regularly tripping, you could have a serious problem. Do not attempt to fix this yourself.

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Electrical Shocks

Mild shocks or tingles from an appliance or light switch could mean you are experiencing an electrical fault. Call our electricians immediately.

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Outlets Not Working

Power outlets that don’t work correctly could mean the internal wiring may be loose or broken, which can cause a serious fire hazard. Call us for an assessment and repairs.

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Smoke Detectors Beeping

Smoke detectors that continue to make noises when there is no sign of smoke can mean the batteries need replacing or a new device needs to be installed.

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Safety Switches Keep Tripping

If you notice a safety switch that continues to trip it might be a sign of a bigger electrical problem. Call our team to arrange an inspection or service.

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Loss of Power in Winter

A power outage can be caused by damaged powerlines, or overusing heating appliances which can overload your electrical system. Stay away from danger and call us for help.

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“I used Limelight Electrix for the first time yesterday to do an electrical inspection/hard wire smoke alarms for the sale of a house. The team at Limelight Electrix made the process so easy from first contact to job finish. The team are very professional, on time, polite and easy to communicate with.”

- Sally Alexander

“I have used Brad & the team at Limelight Electrix over the past 7 years for Ac split sys installations /servicing & repair as well as some general electrical maintenance. The work was always started on time & completed to a high standard with areas cleaned up when finished. His team were courteous & easy to deal with.”

- David Taylor

Frequently Asked Questions.

You should not attempt to do any electrical work yourself. Aside from the risk of electrocution, poor electrical work can cause serious fires in homes and workplaces, so it’s important to take all electrical work very seriously. It may also be illegal to perform your own electrical work across states and territories in Australia.  No matter how small you think the job may be, it’s not worth the risk.

 If there are any electrical jobs that need to be done around your property, please contact Limelight Electrix to book a service or maintenance appointment. We always provide an electrical safety inspection of your home before beginning any work to ensure your home is safe.

A domestic electrician is someone who specialises in electrical services around the home. Domestic electricians complete a variety of electrical work including installation of powerpoints, fans, smoke alarms, etc.

Domestic electricians also provide repairs and maintenance services, from testing lights to repairing faulty electrical devices or systems in your home. The domestic electricians at Limelight Electrix can assist you with all your electrical needs. Contact us if you have any issues in your home.

Limelight Electrix offers installation, upgrades, additions, replacements and repairs for all your domestic lighting and general electrical requirements.

We can help with all your lighting needs:

  • Pendants
  • Chandeliers
  • Downlights
  • Security lighting
  • Interior and exterior lighting
  • LED lighting

We can help with all your electrical needs:

  • Hot water systems
  • Fans including exhaust and ceiling fans  
  • Ovens and cooktops
  • Powerpoint upgrades
  • Appliance connections
  • Spas

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