Just like your car, your home needs a regular checkup!

Just like your car needs a regular checkup and service to make sure that everything is running smoothly, so do your home electrics, and here we get to use the magic word - FREE. We provide a free electrical inspection to ensure your home is humming along and as we all know, the best fix is the one that happens before a problem occurs. 

This FREE electrical inspection includes a smoke alarm check, lighting and light switches check, general electrical services and tests on your main protective earth. Not only must smoke alarms be installed correctly, but up to date and in good working order. 

We also complete a full switchboard check, where we make sure you have the correct safety switches installed which are now a mandatory requirement by law. These safety switches detect a short in an appliance and will automatically shut off to stop any electrocution. Both older homes and renovated homes often do not have the ability to keep up with our modern equipment's demands. In the past, home switchboards had dramatically less powered appliances than homes today with most modern homes now running air conditioning units, hot water units, electrical stoves and fitness equipment.

Take a look at our short checklist:

  • Appliances struggling to get enough power
  • Lights not coming on fully,
  • Lights only working sporadically
  • Lighting functionailty limited
  • Multiple appliances turned on tripping fuse or circuit breaker
  • Kettle, microwave, clothes iron or hair dryer tripping fuse or circuit breaker 
  • Safety switches not installed
  • Lights flickering
  • Ceramic fuses in your meter box or switchboard

If your answer was yes to any of the questions above then it is most likely a problem with your switchboard! For a consultation or a quote on upgrading your system call Limelight Electrix for your free electrical safety inspection.

Our Inspections include:

  • Removing and inspecting a set number of wiring devices (outlets, switches etc.)
  • Checking the device condition and wiring which feeds the equipment
  • Checking for open grounds
  • Checking for correct polarity
  • Checking the integrity of the connections
  • Checking whether equipment is wired correctly (ensuring correct workmanship and wiring methods have been used)

Usually we will inspect 10-15% of the devices, though if there are any problems we will expand our inspection to get a better idea of the state of all equipment in the building.

Also included in the inspection:

  • Switchboard inspection for proper grounding, bonding and connection integrity.
  • Check for a driven ground/earth rod and ensure integrity of the connection.
  • Check important areas for corrosion problems that may have been caused by incorrect connections or the use of incompatible metals
  • Test the operation of all RCD or other protection devices.


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