Safety Switches
The safety switch is a safety device that allows you to switch off the electricity in a circuit – in the case of a fault or issue in less then 1 second – extremely quick!

It is important that you check your safety switch regularly to make certain that it is all working perfectly. If you are unsure where to find your safety switch, you can locate your switch in your switchboard (this will look like a circuit breaker, but will have a test button on the front of it). Some homes may have more then one and if so make sure to test all of them.

To test – simply press the TEST or T buttons found in the board, and power should switch off immediately. To make the power return to your home, flick the switch back to ON position. If you end up having issues with your switch, feel free to get in contact with us about this on 1300 880 761. We will gladly come out and resolve any problems you may be having with this.

Kitchen Appliances
During the winter season we all love a good slow cooked meal and a nice cuppa tea after. Who wouldn’t? Although leaving hot electrical appliances unattended, especially if you have to go out for the day is definitely not a safe move and is a major fire risk. Make sure that all kitchen equipment that requires electricity you check the cords, make sure they are not damaged or starting to fray. After using your kitchen appliances, make sure to turn them off, unplug and put away for safe keeping. Turning them off can not only prevent electrical hazards, but can save you money on your energy bills.

So in this two-part blog we have covered safety tips for winter when it comes to safety switches, kitchen appliances, heaters and smoke alarms. We hope that you have enjoyed this two-part blog and we hope it has helped you look out for a few things to keep you, your family and your home safe. To find out more information about us here at Limelight Electrix feel free to have a look at our website or give us a call for any services you may require on 1300 880 761

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