Electrical Heaters

Heaters are one of the largest users of electricity during winter. Here are some tips for when it comes to these appliances

  • Before you purchase your heater, make sure to look up or ask the manufacturer for instructions regarding servicing and maintenance.
  • Always make sure to keep an eye out on the power cords and plugs, you want to make sure that nothing is starting to fray.
  • A good thing to do is to remove any heater filters from your appliance and give them a good vacuum so that you can get rid of any dust build-up before use.
  • Please avoid plugging your heater into a power board, double adaptor or extension cord. Preferably plug your unit straight into the wall as this will prevent overloading the adaptor or cause a fire.
  • Never leave your heater unattended, especially in areas of the home that have a lot of people or animal walking in and out.
  • If you are drying wet clothes or anything that is potentially flammable near your heater, please keep these items at least 1m from the heater.

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Smoke Alarms

One of the most crucial things to have in a home is a smoke alarm. They keep you and your family safe all year round and help warn you when a fire is occurring. You need to make sure that your alarm is in good functioning order by making sure you change the battery at least once a year. If you are thinking “Have I done mine?” – Do it now! Better be safe than sorry!

Please also keep in mind that it is always very important that you have multiple alarms around crucial areas around your home. Having one isn’t enough.

So we have just covered two of the main winter essentials when it comes to electricity and appliances. We hope that these tips have helped you keep an eye out on certain things of your own heater and smoke alarms. Stay tuned to read up on the second and final part of this blog where we discuss tips regarding safety switches, kitchen appliances and the fireplace.

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