The local electrician must be able to and qualified to run lines through the walls, attic or under the house during the construction. It is also quite important for him or her to be able to understand the different kinds of wires that may be used because different appliances and equipment require different wire sizes for them to function properly. If the wrong wires are used on that device, it could result in malfunctions, overloaded circuits or even in some cases, cause fires.

Another frequent job that gets assigned to domestic electricians is upgrading wires and breaker boxes in older homes. Homes that were built before computers, dryers, dishwashers and televisions were common are not always wired to be able to handle such a large amount of electricity being used at once. Box upgrades are often required, for this reason, so a higher wattage of power can be used without overloading the breaker. Another thing that does occur with older homes is that the wires themselves will become worn and must be replaced to prevent malfunctions in service, or in some bad cases, house fires.

Probably one of the most common types of service homeowners require electricians is for assistance in installing light fixtures, appliances, and ceiling fans. Calling a domestic electrician for these kinds of jobs are highly recommended to ensure that these appliances and fixtures are done correctly and safely. Read more

In terms of what an actual electrician needs to do to become a qualified domestic electrician, he or she is required to complete schooling or a form of apprenticeship under someone who is currently working as a licensed electrician. The amount of time of training required varies from every place you go, but it is generally within thirty-six to forty-eight-month term. The training involved in a scholarship or apprenticeship should teach electrical theory, code requirements and safety.

Here at Limelight Electrix our team of Domestic Electricians Perth cover a broad range of services for all your residential electrical needs such as:

- Power & Lighting Services
- Preventative Electrical Maintenance
- Home Security & Safety
- Hot Water Systems
- Telephone & Data Services
- Electrical Safety Inspections
- Air-Conditions Installations
- CCTV Installation
- Stove & Oven Installations

So why choose us? Well, we are available 24/7. You can call us anytime, and you can speak to a professional staff member to give you help and advice that you may need straight away. All of your electrical needs will be catered for; Limelight has a fully licensed electrician team that can deal with any problem you may be encountering. We are a friendly bunch of people with expert knowledge, rapid response time and we strive for the best practice and the highest quality with all of our work that we perform. The best thing about our business is that we have a $50 cash-back guarantee if we are late for an appointment, $50 will be deducted from your next invoice. 

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