When a house fire starts, only a working smoke alarm will provide you and your family the critical early warning needed to save your lives and minimise the overall damage to your property. Taking the time to learn a few fire safety habits will help prevent fires in your home.

It is also April, the month where the Department of Fire & Emergency Services insists you change your batteries in your smoke alarms! Every April Fools Day the Department promotes the day as a reminder to regularly change your smoke alarm batteries using only the best high-quality and long-life batteries you can find.

Australian homes do need smoke alarms, especially with our increased bushfire risk and dry climate, we constantly live in threat of a nasty fire occurring. Installing a smoke alarm can be the difference between life and death. Every second does count in these situations to evacuate and be safe. So the team at Limelight Electrix can make sure that you have sufficient and appropriately installed alarms with working batteries and perfect wired connections.

Our team have listed a few tips and general advice when it comes to the installation of a smoke alarm.

-    A smoke alarm should be installed on every floor of your property.

-    Have every alarm sound if one does get triggered, although this is optional, if you have a large house, you would want to be able to hear the alarm from every point of your home.

-    These should be installed close to sleeping areas or paths to sleeping areas towards exits to open air.

-    Installing detectors near air-conditioning units, vents or fans.

-    Make sure you test each and every alarm regularly, we recommend monthly by using the test button on every unit.

-    We can customise the alarms to suit you. If you would prefer to have a flashing light, sound-based alarm, vibration or a combination of these, we can help set this up for you no problem.

-    All smoke alarms have a maximum service life of ten years. So we insist that you go and get these replaced.

-    Do not ever paint over a smoke alarm, if you are renovating, please ensure you adequately protect your unit.

-    At least once or twice a year, you should go over your alarm with a vacuum cleaner. This will help remove all particles that could affect the smoke alarms performance.

smoke alarms

No price can be placed on the kind of safety that smoke alarms create. We want to make sure that you and your family are going to be safe at all times. So please, if you need to get your alarms installed, please give Limelight Electrix a call today by calling 1300 880 761. Our team of highly experienced and professional technicians can properly install detectors that follow all guidelines for you today no problem.


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